May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

Education Tracks & Workshops

Delivering Innovative Technology

Creating Your New Digital Marketing Channel with Informed Delivery Package Campaigns

Package Campaigns provide a new opportunity for personalized customer engagement to merchants shipping with the Postal Service. Now available through an online portal and an API back end. Package campaigns let merchants create messages for individual packages. During this workshop, the Informed Delivery team will discuss the specifications for image creation and content, data needed to create package campaigns, and the data resulting campaigns. This workshop is appropriate for business users of Informed Delivery.

Bernard Fedor, Assurety Consulting & Solutions, Inc
Fernando Mello, USPS

How MSPS and Mail Owners can Utilize IV and ID Data to Improve ROI on their Marketing Budgets

The workshop will describe the basics of Business Intelligence and Visualization in non-technical terms to the mailing and shipping community. The workshop will also share use cases on how mailers and mail owners can improve customer insights, improve targeted marketing by utilizing the Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery data.

Bob Galaher, NAPM
Shariq Mirza, Assurety Consulting & Solutions, Inc.

Informed Delivery Program Update: Review and Forecast

Join the Informed Delivery Team to discuss where we’ve been in the last twelve months and where we’re going in the next twelve. During this workshop, we’ll share the latest user and mailer statistics, talk about participant demographics data, and review the outcomes of testing for our recent innovations in Informed Delivery. We’ll also provide insights into current development initiatives, including Package Campaigns and campaign submission via API. Finally, we’ll offer a glimpse into what’s being planned for 2023, including streamlined tools for smaller mailers and shippers. This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in an overall snapshot of Informed Delivery trends and objectives.

Bob Dixon, USPS
Fernando Mello, USPS

Measure What You Treasure

Attend this workshop to learn why keeping and increasing the amount of mail in service performance measurement is beneficial to you and your customers. Learn what you can do to make sure your mail is included in measurement, understand the common exclusion reasons and how to prevent them, and why quality and accurate mailer documentation matter.  Learn how to access and utilize the new external Service Performance Measurement (SPM) Exclusions by CRID tool to view data about your mail so you can investigate resolutions for identified exclusions. Take the time to engage with the experts in this informative workshop and walk away with valuable insights on how to measure what you treasure.

Wayne Palmiter, USPS
Arslan Saleem, USPS

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

The Postal Service offers generous incentives to lower the per-piece cost mailing commercial letters and flats as well as electronic options to make the process easier. In this workshop learn the processes and systems required to ensure a great experience with commercial mail. The Postal Service is consistently improving options for commercial mailing through electronic programs such as Full-Service, Seamless Acceptance, and the Enterprise Payment System. These programs harness vast amounts of data, which allow customers new insights into their mailings and provide for greater control over payment as well as the ability to deposit money electronically. This workshop will guide you through the steps for today’s streamlined commercial mail, in order for your organization to be successful in leaving the era of hard copy statements and manual processes behind.

Michael Filipski, USPS
Randy Workman, USPS

Where to Begin: Bringing an Offline Touch to an Online Experience

Getting started connecting your direct mail to an online experience can be a process full of “where to start questions”. In this workshop we will provide an overview of several opportunities where you can increase the response rate on your direct mail. It is proven a multi-channel approach and follow up can significantly increase the response rate. With the incentive discounts available from the USPS these strategies can also help reduce your postage bill. The discussion will provide a high-level introduction to Informed Delivery, QR Codes, Retargeting, Smart speaker technology, and enhancing direct mail with email.

Jon Bowman, Salem One, Inc.

Customer Data: Your Greatest Tool or Hindrance

In today’s economy, customer data should be KING. Yet, with approximately forty million Americans moving annually, it can also be your greatest challenge. Learn which tips and tricks can help ensure the integrity of your organization’s data. This workshop will talk about the various data sources and techniques beyond address correction that are available to you; managing multiple address types, to address, email, and phone verification to better refine your mailing lists and focus in on reaching your ideal customer.

Christine J Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions
Mark Rheaume, Ricoh USA

Implementing Digital Transformation Initiatives to Automate In-Bound Mail Processing

As companies have gone to a remote work force the in bound mail hasn’t stopped. Companies have struggled delivering communications to the remote workers on a daily basis and have also struggled maintaining employees. In this workshop, learn new solutions and technologies to help provide communications to the remote workers by means of email or any type of electronic transmission. This will keep the business running and create a manageable mail center as we move forward.

Kevin Goss, Postal Source

Innovative Technology Driving the Future Postal Service

Take a look behind the curtain at innovative technology solutions driving the future of the Postal Service. In this workshop learn how USPS is leveraging leading edge technology, often in ways that the customer does not see – but from which they see results. We’ll cover AIVA, which is a virtual assistant (not unlike Siri or Alexa) using artificial intelligence and natural language process to help track packages. We’ll cover new innovations in computer vision improving package movement. We’ll look at a program specifically designed to incubate tech startup companies in the logistics space. We’ll also discuss the Label Broker, which is utilizing cloud computing and QR Codes to meet the needs of customers who cannot print labels. Lastly, we’ll share how leveraging USPS tech and data (addressing, geospatial, etc.) can help businesses and the U.S government improve their services.

Sachin Agarwal, USPS
Peter Klausner, USPS
Jeff Tackes, USPS

Power your Clients' Direct Response Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Take the guesswork out of campaign performance! Predictive Analytics enables direct marketers to determine precisely which prospects to target for the highest response possible. In this workshop, we’ll share real-world examples of marketers that leveraged Predictive Analytics to improve campaign response by up to 26% and experienced long-term success, campaign after campaign.

Sean Kellum, AccuData Integrated Marketing

Technology Initiatives that Drive Address Quality

In this workshop, learn how USPS is driving Address Quality by optimizing Delivery Point Sequencing, redefining Preferred Last Line practices and leveraging Mobile GPS Device technology. 

Elizabeth Flake, USPS

The USPS API Ecosystem: Connect and Grow

The USPS Connect platform simplifies interactions and promotes a seamless, secure, and interconnected delivery experience for customers to digitally connect and transact with the USPS for their shipping solutions. The USPS is fostering greater community innovation via an API ecosystem that leverages a robust set of tailored capabilities and features such as labels, visibility, pricing, pickup and drop-off intelligence, address validations, etc. The USPS is accelerating solution development to increase flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs, reduce customization of backend services with direct integration options for eCommerce businesses, platforms and marketplaces as well as support open standards and seamless entry for developers.

Garrett Hoyt, USPS
Jerry Wheeler, USPS

Delivering the Infrastructure of the Future: How 5G Keeps you Connected Down to the Last Mile and Beyond

As the world around us continues to change rapidly, it’s important for organizations – including USPS to find innovative ways to modernize their operations, drive efficiencies and reduce spend. The next era of business transformation requires new technologies and digital tools that can help automate systems and provide near real-time communication based on data driven insights. A Transportation & Public Sector Industry Segment Advisor will share how the right 5G network can provide the infrastructure needed to support best-in-class solutions while providing the security, support, and consistent unlimited connectivity that every organization needs. Learn more about how the right 5G network can enable telematics, asset tracking and fleet management solutions that will keep you connected down to the last mile and beyond.

Shawn Corey, T-Mobile
Wayne Corum, T-Mobile

Informed Delivery and Commingling: How to Make Everything Work as Intended

Numerous companies have taken advantage of Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with great success. In this workshop, hear from a company as they share their successes and how they helped many customers of all sizes across multiple verticals do the same. They’ll share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to enable you to optimize your participation in Informed Delivery even if you are using or considering a Commingler. They’ll also review how to achieve a postage discount with the Informed Delivery promotion, including ample time for Q&A.

Steve Krejcik, Pitney Bowes
Paula Stoskopf, Pitney Bowes

Leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

In this workshop, learn how USPS is leveraging responsible AI and ML to improve safety, increase operations and transportation efficiency. All while improving customer experience. Learn how these capabilities impact your business and how you can help improve them.

Dan Houston, USPS
Earl Johnson, USPS
Ernest Onody, USPS

Seamless Acceptance and Informed Visibility Work Together

Commercial mailers are now beginning to take advantage of Seamless Acceptance – improved workflow, easier mail induction, and a postage discount. Integrating Informed Visibility with it can make it even better. Use Informed Visibility with Seamless Acceptance to document mail dates for your customers, investigate undocumented assessments, and keep better control of your mail induction process. Of course, this is in addition to all the other benefits of mail tracking with Informed Visibility you already enjoy. This workshop will provide specific examples and processes you can use to make your mailing operations better today.

Lisa Bowes, Snailworks
Dave Lewis, Snailworks

The Answer is Cloud-Powered Postal Data

If you are a data company, and you face the reality that every company is a data company, the migration from an on-premise environment to the cloud can appear to be a monolithic endeavor. Moving to the agility and malleability of a cloud service, such as AWS, can be the difference between corrupted customer data and having the forward-looking features and functionality that allows an organization to move to a new and better horizon. Postal data has been growing year after year for the past decade. The number of data points, insights, and intelligence housed is game-changing intelligence. Data needs to be protected in a single location where it can gain a rigorous defensive system and manage the privacy of different clients, different customer sets, and more. In this workshop learn right questions to ask your IT team and the correct answers to understand how this massive change needs to begin now.

Jeffrey Hummel, GrayHair Software

Where’s My Mail? Creating Business Efficiencies and Customer Engagement with Informed Visibility®

Informed Visibility®(IV®) provides near-real-time tracking of mailpieces. The value of IV is more than mail-tracking data, it drives true business intelligence. In this workshop, you’ll hear customer success stories about how this powerful platform is used to make better business decisions and improve mail ROI. Come learn how you can get actionable data out of your mailings and campaigns.

Angelo Anagnostopoulos, GrayHair
Steve Jones, USPS