May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

Education Tracks & Workshops

Pushing The Envelope: Why Mail Works

“My Direct Mail Campaign Didn’t Work!”

If you are an industry professional then you are no stranger to hearing this on both sides of the sale starting with “if it works I will spend way more money with you…” to “my direct mail campaign didn’t work, I received zero business from it.” If you are a marketer there is no doubt that you have struggled with proving attribution and true return on your investment with direct mail. The vicious circle of offline marketing attribution has been a challenge for decades; it’s time to break the wheel. Join this myth-busters workshop that uncovers the REAL attribution of direct mail and breaks down all barriers to proving what we all know to be true – DIRECT MAIL WORKS!

Erica Switzer, Spectrum Marketing Companies

Case Study in Customer Satisfaction

One bad piece of mail is too many. If a high-value mail piece does not reach a customer, that could lead to a damaged relationship. The larger the organization, the more diverse and more priorities there are regarding goals, purposes, needs, restrictions, regulations, and requirements. It makes sense that larger organizations implement multiple “Best Practices” regarding customer satisfaction and addressing. This workshop will explore the tools, services, processes, and real-life examples around address quality and the best practices on when, where, and how to use them. You will learn how a large company manages its mail and how that makes a difference.

Samantha Ewald, GrayHair Software
Moira Mach, GrayHair Software

Direct Mail: The Key to Marketing Success

Marketers are showing renewed interest in direct mail―and for good reason. The recently released ANA Response Rate Report 2021 identified letter-sized, enveloped mailpieces delivered to prospect lists as producing the highest ROI (112%) across all marketing channels studied. In addition, Winterberry Group predicts marketers will spend $43.4 billion on direct mail in 2022, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2021. Successful direct mail is engaging, compelling, and relevant―one might say irresistible―but it doesn’t stand alone. When properly integrated with companion channels and propelled by creativity, data, and analytics, direct mail is a premier channel for driving consumer response. This workshop will explore the strategies, techniques, and technologies now available to create a personalized experience for each prospect and deliver the best return on investment for campaigns.

Bob Rosser, IWCO Direct
Kurt Ruppel, IWCO Direct

How to Grow Your Business Using Data Science: No Degree Required

Buzzwords like “Artificial Intelligence” and “Data Science” are hot topics in today’s marketing circles. But what can AI-technology paired with marketing data actually do for printers, direct response marketers and agencies? Join this workshop if you want a practical, step-by-step strategy on how on-demand platforms are helping companies harness the power of data science to build predictive, high-performance audiences. You’ll learn: 1) Four quick steps to create AI-driven audiences for direct mail targeting. 2) How printers are using on-demand data tools to unlock new revenue streams without growing headcount. 3) Why AI models can grow the volume of your data-driven campaigns without sacrificing performance. 4) A simple hack to seamlessly launch direct mail + digital campaigns. 5) How AI-technology can help direct mail providers attract digital-first buyers. No training. No coding. No big budgets. Just the power of data science for everyone!

Lindsey Harju, TRAK Data
Brie Pinnow, TRAK Data

The Future Is Adaptive: How to Leverage Design Excellence to Create a Personalized and Effective Omni-Channel Communication Strategy

In today’s world where consumers are inundated with communication across a variety of channels it can be difficult to crack the code on customer engagement. Customers expect every interaction to be personalized and relevant to them. Marketers who combine USPS Marketing Mail with digital marketing show more effective campaign metrics. How do you ensure your print strategy adapts to the digital evolution and ultimately drives exceptional customer experience? In this workshop learn how industry-leading businesses effectively leverage their print and mail communications with digital tactics that eliminate customer confusion and deliver real business results. You’ll learn how to: Leverage customer-centric design to create clear and effective print and mail communications; Know your customer better than they know themselves and understand how print communications fit into their customer experience;  Implement effective personalization and targeting tactics that impact marketing campaign growth; Ensure your brand is future-proofed and equipped with technology and tools to adapt.

Lois Ritarossi, High Rock Strategies
Mike Woods, CSG

2022 State of Direct Mail Marketing

In this workshop we’ll present insights on the state of direct mail marketing and shed new light on the approach, effectiveness, and best practices of modern direct mail marketers. Join us as we explore how software is streamlining the direct mail processes and making it easier for marketers to run targeted personalized campaigns with complete analytics and campaign attribution. We’ll share how top mailers are increasing time to value by 150% with automation and technology how utilizing hyper-personalization and trigger-based direct mail to significantly improve response rates, and how to use direct mail to increase the ROI of your acquisition and retention omnichannel campaigns by as much as 27%.

Summer Hahnlen, LOB
Josh Roth, Sr., LOB

Data Driven: The Key Attribute that makes Mail a Viable Marketing Channel

Not all marketing channels are created equal–costs, response rates, reach, and ability to segment varies. This workshop with discuss the data-driven attributes of mail including identity mapping, profiling, and predictive modeling. Learn strategies for capturing the true value of mail – through tracking direct results, attribution, calculating return on investment. Learn how mail can be a catalyst to engagement in other channels.

Stephen J. Grech, USPS
Lucie Jameson, The Hartford

Elevating the Hybrid Marketing Experience

As brands deliver new digital experiences that meet changing customer preferences, the next step is to enhance hybrid customer experiences—and mail can be part of that solution. In this workshop, learn how contemporary brands are using hybrid experiences to build customer relationships using personalization, rapid feedback and data infrastructure.

Emily Carr, Deloitte
Ken Nelson, Deloitte
Mark Singer, Deloitte

Mail Marketing in the Post-Cookie World: Informed Delivery as a Tool to Enhance Your First Party Data

Cookies are changing – and not from chocolate chip to oatmeal. What was the industry standard for gathering third party consumer data across online channels is going to go away in 2023. In its place, in-house, first party data will take a new prominence in targeting the right message, to the right consumer, in the right channel. Using in-house data to drive your omnichannel marketing mix is more important than ever in making sure your message is driving the consumer response you desire. Informed Delivery with Mail not only adds a digital channel to your physical marketing, but also provides a wealth of information about the performance of your mail message that can enhance the first-party data you already have. During this workshop, we’ll talk briefly about the changes happening in the digital marketing space and how mail with Informed Delivery can – and should – take new prominence in your omnichannel marketing mix. This workshop is appropriate for a business audience interested in identifying and using marketing insights data.

Todd Black, Intellisent
Bob Dixon, USPS

The Future of Direct Mail: Marketer and Consumer Attitudes About the Response Rate Champion

In this workshop we will reveal recent research on what role direct mail plays on consumers and B2B marketers. What direct marketers are doing to reach today’s consumer? Which marketing tactics are resonating with consumers? And how direct mail fits into it all. We’ll also cover direct mail engagement across generations, what direct mail feature inspire the most action, and what consumers feel could make their marketing mail more useful for them. We’ll share from a marketer’s perspective, which channels worked best for them during the pandemic, what omnichannel tactics they are employing to support direct mail campaigns, and where direct mail fits compared to other channels in their future marketing plans.

Melanie DeCaprio, SG360
Michael McCormick, SG360

What’s in the Mail: DMM 101

This workshop is intended for attendees new to the mailing industry as well as shippers. We’ll discuss content and preparation limitations found in the DMM: What can be mailed, Hazmat, Lives, Perishables, Lithium batteries, PACT Act products, Library/Media mail, etc.

Dale Kennedy, USPS

Authentically Inclusive Marketing

While the marketing function is increasingly focusing on more inclusive advertising, consumers—who are increasingly diverse—expect brands to follow through on these promises. Learn more about three ways marketing can do this.

Emily Carr, Deloitte

Direct Mail Technology: The Key to Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Why do 2/3 of marketers say that direct mail is the best performing channel? Because when done right, direct mail response rates dwarf those of other channels. In this workshop learn how Direct Mail technology makes mail campaigns more effective and easier to manage by: 1) Sending personalized mail in hundreds of variations in a matter of days. 2) Triggering messages to prospects who have visited a website or reached a critical stage in their customer journey. 3) Using lookalike models to identify prospects similar to their best customers. 4) Warming up prospects with digital channels before a mail piece arrives, and remind them about it afterwards. 5) Using QR codes, SMS text, voice response, vanity phone numbers, and matchback to track direct mail’s effectiveness.

David Fink, Postie
Keith Goodman, Modern Postcard
Summer Hahnlan, LOB
Ray Van Iterson, USPS
Jason Ross, PebblePost

How to Get a Piece of Political Campaign Dollars Spent in 2022

So you’re looking at how to get a piece of the 2022 Political Campaign dollars. In this workshop, we will look at how to incorporate Multiple Channels to get the best bang for your buck. Learn how to utilize: 1) Voter Registration/Moved Voters/Hard to Reach 2) Multi-Channel 3) Commercial Data Modeling, Target Audience Profiling, Look-a-like audiences, 4) Better Quality Data, 5) Tracking of Campaigns, and 6) Chasing Vote by Mail outbound ballots, outstanding ballots.

Jim Richard, USPS

Mailing Innovations and Promotions

Learn how the 2022 promotions continues to incent mailers to innovate in the mail with new print techniques, interactive designs to better engage consumer with the mail and drive higher ROIs.

Krista Becker, USPS
Ezana Dessie, USPS

Simple Options for Simple Mailing

This workshop will demonstrate how to create electronic documentation using Postal tools, (e.g., Postal Wizard and iMsb) and it is designed for smaller volume mailers that have not adopted any electronic documentation processes or methods yet.

James Duffy, USPS
Roshanda Jackson, USPS

The Future of Marketing

This workshop offers solid foundational knowledge of marketing automation and how it can support your business far into the future.  Learn some of the industry-best practices to help create the best marketing automation experience for your business and your customers, and see the powerful impact mail can have on successful marketing automation campaigns.

Joseph Boyce, Account Director, MRM

Turning up the Volume on your Transactional Mail

First-Class Mail can be the most personal communication method for you to use with your customers. Find out best practices that not only leverage your mail budgets but make bills and statements an effective customer engagement tool. USPS will review the latest trends and share information about the latest, newest mail product and Connect Local Mail.

Krista Becker, USPS
Margaret Pepe, USPS

Winning More Political Campaign Dollars in 2022 Amidst a Paper Crisis

In this workshop, we will explore the upcoming challenges of getting the most value from Political Campaign Dollars. This workshop will share how to leverage additional exposure though USPS Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery, discuss what potential incentives are available, discuss logistics for Destination SCF drop shipments, outline the concept of new size ideas focusing on resources available and the Postage Rate increases of 2022.

Tom Mackel, Engage Marketing Inc
Jim Richard, USPS