May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

Education Tracks & Workshops

Operations: Fulfilling The Needs of Your Customers

Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 1

In today’s mail center environment, managers face daunting challenges – multiple areas of responsibility, disruptive technologies, and changes in the US Postal Service operations and regulations. The talents and skills that got you to where you are today may not be enough to bring you to the next level. Attend this two-part workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. In Part One, learn how to effectively navigate the US Postal Service organization and regulations, and mail center management.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Patrick Ring, Boston University

CASS Cycle O: What You Need to Know!

Learn how CASS Cycle O enhances your address information while providing other information that is critical in assessing the deliverability of an address.

Starlene Blackwood, USPS

Empowering Frontline Workers for the Next Generation

While frontline workers make up over 70% of the workforce, there is still a lack of focus on leveraging modern technology to streamline and improve operations. In this workshop, we’ll discuss cost-effective technology that is helping to modernize frontline work for the digital age.

Kofi Bawuah, Microsoft

Labor and Logistics: Strategies to Mitigate Challenges Brought on by the Pandemic

More than 50% of in-plant mailers are struggling to fill open positions. Logistic costs have increased exponentially and finding providers continues to be a challenge. What can a mailer do?  Attend this workshop to hear strategies your peers are deploying to lessen the impact to their businesses. Learn about logistics options, ways to retain and recruit qualified labor and best practices you can implement to ensure your mailing operation runs effectively while maintaining a positive client experience. 

Charlene Dufresne-Achatz, Mystic Logistics
Aaron Gibbs, One TouchPoint
Derek Johnson, Pitney Bowes
Paula Stoskopf, Pitney Bowes

Mitigating the Great Resignation with Automated Workflows

Let’s face it, the Covid pandemic has been a significant challenge for many companies and has now led to what is being called the Great Resignation. Finding and retaining key employees to operate the ever-increasing complexity of mail preparation technology is a substantial challenge. However, there may be an alternative path with automated mailing workflows to streamline processing, be future-ready for USPS changes, and reduce dependency on manual and costly processes. In this workshop, we will explore how some mailers have used the pandemic as a “pause of opportunity” to mitigate the challenges of the Great Resignation with enhanced automated workflows. We will also look at the latest in software and data technology that can ensure business continuity and reduce overall operating expenses.

Chris Lien, BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company

NCOA versus ACS: One or the Other or Both?

This workshop will cover comprehensive detail about best practices using NCOA and ACS. It will relate use cases for meeting the Move Update standard and offer tips for using NCOA and ACS return information to implement a robust Address Quality Practice for pre-mailing NCOA and post mailing ACS. The use of proper STID’s will be discussed when using ACS – and will discuss why electronic ACS is the way to go.

Bill Marsh, Data-Mail, Inc.
Lloyd Moss, Window Book

Quality: Meeting or Exceeding Customer Expectations by Reducing Waste in your Operations

In order keep your external customers happy, understanding the eight potential wastes of an organization is the first step. In this workshop we will take you through DOWNTIME – the eight wastes in an organization. Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-value added behavior, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Extra processing. Focusing only on things a customer is willing to pay for, and removing all those non-value added items is the key to producing products that exceed customer expectations and keep your business thriving.

Kerry Hannify, Data-Mail, Inc.

The Changing World of Periodicals

Periodicals play an important role in our country.  Market forces and technological changes are impacting many publications.  Learn what the Postal Service is doing to keep Periodicals as the “Anchor in the Mailbox” Find out about recent changes to pending Periodicals and other best practices.

Tonya Dodson, USPS
Verdonna Hudson, USPS

Thinking about Outsourcing your Print Production?

Hear from the trenches the real-life considerations you need to keep in mind when considering outsourcing your print production operations – the multitude of workflows, processes and functions across an enterprise that need to be involved in the decisions.

Christine J. Erna, TEC Mailing Solutions
Mark Rheaume, Ricoh USA

Using Address Quality to Improve UAA

The way to improve Address Quality and reduce Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail to generate more deliverable mail, reduce compliance and fraud risks, and improve overall business operations is to connect and close the loop of the available tools and data. In this workshop, we will discuss both standard and best practice processes to use Address Quality to reduce UAA and to use UAA data to improve Address Quality to the benefit of your business operations (not just mail).

Adam Collinson, GrayHair Software

Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers Part 2

Attend this Part 2 workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. Here you’ll learn mail center management trends and technology, as well as additional focus on Management 101 and professional development.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Patrick Ring, Boston University

Cybersecurity: Enabling and Protecting Business

Cybersecurity touches every aspect of modern business and can lead to devasting impacts on an organization’s bottom line. In a world riddled with cyber threats, how do we both protect and enable our businesses? The USPS’s Corporate Information Security Office provides insights on managing cybersecurity risk and offers practical approaches to reduce your risk.

Heather Dyer, USPS
Dorin Methfessel, USPS

Hot Topics for Mail Owners

In this workshop we’ll discuss the most important issues facing mail owners today. We’ll engage audience in conversation, harnessing the collective knowledge in the room with an interactive session. Topics include security and privacy, Adapting Mail and Business Process to adjust for changes under the DFA plan, Legislation and PRC issues, Promotions, Informed Delivery, Secure Destruction, getting involved with Industry Associations, and audience generated topics. The workshop panel is composed of industry leaders with a strong First Class Mail knowledge and business expertise who are also mail owners. These experts will share their knowledge and experience as well as providing real world examples of how manage business and mailing process.

David Marinelli, Progressive Insurance

Making the Most of the USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS)

EPS provides businesses the ability to view their postage transactions, export reports, and manage accounts in a single portal. This workshop will cover the “nuts & bolts” of how to create, grant access, and manage your EPS accounts. It will also provide the perspective of Mailing Industry EPS users whether they be mail owners or mail service providers. Discussion will include best practices, what’s new in EPS, managing your EPS through Informed Visibility (IV), and other tools & tips to use EPS as effectively as possible. This workshop is intended to be interactive so please come with your questions!

James Duffy, USPS
John Whittington, Intelisent

MTAC 101: What is MTAC and How to Get Involved

This workshop will focus on the ins and outs of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). MTAC members serve at the pleasure of the Postmaster General. Our mission is to advise on ways that we can help USPS improve its products and services for the industry to help it grow its revenues and reduce its costs. Attendees will walk away with a good grasp of how it is organized, what gets discussed, how changes are implemented, membership advantages, how to access the right subject matter expertise, and submitting recommendations. Whether you are a mail owner, shipper, software or hardware vendor, Mail Service Provider, USPS employee, Government employee or media, you will all benefit from some aspect of MTAC 101. You will learn how you can get to interact with the USPS and industry members on topics pertinent to both.

Bob Rosser, IWCO Direct
Lisa Wurman, Quad

Responding to Covid: How a Mail Company Changed to Keep Personnel Safe and Working

When Covid-19 first arrived, buildings were closed and operations were interrupted. In this workshop learn how a mail operations company effectively adapted and responded to these challenges by going digital. And find out how using technology to support a safe remote workforce, is also making mail more accessible and trackable than ever before.

Brian Fox, Sole Solutions Inc.

The Importance of Mailpiece Design

Who’s going to pay for it? The rising cost of postage rates and failing to meet minimum mailing dimensions for commercial mail can bust your budget. Let’s discuss the common mistakes of mailpiece design and how to avoid them. As the Postal Service moves to seamless acceptance this discussion is crucial for printers and mailers as the marketing landscape of a mailpiece’s competitive edge and the need for organizational sustainability increases.

Floyd Creecy, HeiTech Services, Inc

Top Trends Affecting International Mailing

Emerging technology is driving some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet on the global stage. Transportation and supply chain problems have created unusual disruptions. While looking into the future on a global scale is an uncertain proposition. In this workshop, we will tackle the big disruptors and the major regulatory changes for international mailing and customs duties and sales taxes obligations.

Merry Law, WorldVu LLC
Steve W. Smith, Base 60 Consulting

USPS Special Services: An Essential Cornerstone of Security and Accountability

A must-see workshop to discover how Special Services add value to your mailings by providing security and accountability. Added benefits permit you to verify mail receipt and delivery, obtain signatures, insure mail contents, and register mail for additional protection. Adding services such as Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Hold Mail, and Certificate of Mailing will add value, increase effectiveness and protect yourselves and your customers. Learn how Qualified Business Reply Mail with Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting can streamline and maximize your returns. Finally, learn how services such as Premium Forwarding Service Commercial can play a significant role in continuity of operations.

Lynne Hallett, USPS
Sheila Marano, USPS
Margaret Pepe, USPS

Who Would Have Thought? Mail Centers During & Beyond the Pandemic

Managing the mail center for a large organization during the past several years certainly brought a whole set of new problems and issues that needed to be overcome! This workshop will explore the ways that two large institutions adapted and implemented creative measures to maintain mail operations during the pandemic and what to expect into the future.

Betsy Shortell, Harvard University Mail & Distribution Services
Patrick Ring, Boston University Mail Services

Bridging the Hardcopy Mail and Digital Content Divide: Best practices in Government in Covid and Beyond

In this workshop we’ll review digital mail operation – lessons learned throughout the Covid pandemic and future preparedness. We’ll take you through best practices on how to navigate telework workloads, how to keep all employees productive, mission critical operations, award-winning processes developed and brought into the “new norm” as well as how to continue these processes in a return-to-work phase.

Brian Fox, Sole Source, Inc.

Direct Mail 101: Mailing Made Easy

This workshop is geared toward those with little or no experience in the business of mailing services, including anyone looking to get into direct mail or to add direct mail services to their existing business. The workshop will cover everything you need to know to start offering mailing services, from mailpiece design, using elements such as QR codes and CTAs, postal terminology you need to know, to applying for a postal permit. In addition, we will touch on Presorting, CASS certification and NCOALink® as well as general types of postal software and printing equipment required to turn your print shop into a complete direct mail shop!

Eric Lambeth, AccuZIP
Kristen Mckiernan, AccuZIP

Integrated Direct Mail

Proving effectiveness of direct mail can be a challenge and can often lead to questions as to how well the offline strategy is actually working. Learn how you can eliminate the guessing game with technology integration strategies that allow you to seamlessly track the results of direct mail while enhancing the overall conversion rate by an average of 23-46% with multiple touch points. Also learn more about technology that can identify anonymous website visitors to build 9-18% response rate mailing lists in addition to identifying direct mail recipients who responded and went to the website to prove the effectiveness of direct mail. Key takeaways include: 5 ways to improve your direct mail response rate with inexpensive technology add-ons; using marketing metrics to validate direct mail ROI and adding incremental revenue with direct mail retargeting strategies.

Jason Weber, Direct Mail 2.0

Maximizing Your Mail Experience Through Commingle

Discover the many benefits – for your company and the USPS – of using commingle to maximize your mail experience. Even if you plan to presort your own mail, using commingle for your residual can bring postage savings and service improvements for your mail. Learn how commingled mail achieves the lowest postage rates, improved delivery service from USPS, helps reduce the USPS’ costs and improve its profitability. Today’s commingle mail environment is not one-size-fits-all, there are options and programs designed to suit all types of mail and mailers — attend this workshop to find out how your company can improve its mailing experience with commingle and how to find quality Commingle Mail Service Providers!

Steve Krejcik, Pitney Bowes
Michelle Zalewski, ALG Worldwide Logistic

Oop$ Goof$ & Flub$

This workshop will take you through a fun session of what NOT to do in Data, Production, and Mailing and how some of these mistakes can affect the USPS Scorecard. The workshop panel will start with Data Flubs, Printing Goofs, and Mailing Oops. They’ll explore folding issues, presorting issues to incentive programs gone bad. Did a third party take the time to set up the ID campaign? Did the Creative Agency get too creative with a black envelope? Do you use the USPS Scorecard to make business decisions or ignore it until you get an assessment email? They’ll cover UAA, Scan Rates, Read Rates, and incorrect STIDS, MIDS and CRIDS. They’ll cover what not to do in Data, Production (imaging), Bindery (fold and Tabs), Presort (wrong class), Seamless and Edocs and much more, including USPS tools and tips along with best practices for Quality Control and the best outcomes.

Tom Glassman, Ricoh USA
Michael Patterson, Ricoh USA

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment at USPS

The presenters will highlight how the Postal Service is committed to sustainability and environmentally focused solutions and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy, fuel, and waste. The workshop will also provide an overview of our sustainable packaging and environmentally preferable products in our supply chain that reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.

Carolyn Cole, USPS
Ronald Robbins, USPS

The Post-Covid Mail Center

As employees return to the office, many mail operations will need to pivot to accommodate new, and future processes as the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end. In this workshop, mail center managers will discuss new processes that will support both the return to the office and a hybrid workforce. Intelligent lockers, touch-free delivery/pick-up, on-demand requests, digital mail, mail forwarding preferences, and desktop shipping are all workflows that any post-Covid mail center can implement. 

Lauren Schene, SCLogic

Treating Return Mail with the Care it Deserves

So much care, creativity and compliance go into the mailing process. From address hygiene, quality control processes, planning delivery windows to tracking mail through the supply chain.  But what happens when the mail piece you invested in doesn’t make it to the intended audience? Does it just sit in a closet and gather dust? Or is the process you use today seem cumbersome and expensive? Join us as we provide tips on how to get organizational alignment on your return mail goals. We will then walk through the options and considerations as you develop a solution to reach those goals. Through real life examples, we will help the group understand the practical application of digital options such as Secure Destruction and ACS solutions. We will also explore managing the physical aspects return mail such as security, culling the return mail to storing and archiving images. 

Judy Kalus, Pitney Bowes
Paula Stoskopf, Pitney Bowes

Where Did My Customers Go Now?

Keeping up with customers on the move has been especially challenging during the Covid pandemic. As employees have transitioned to home offices, it leaves many mailers wondering where is my customer physically located now, and how can I effectively message to them? In this workshop, we will review the latest best practices in address quality including change of address processing using both USPS and industry sourced data. As “data detectives”, we will seek for key clues that can help us determine how to keep up with customers on the move in a post-pandemic world.

Chris Lien, BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company