May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

Education Tracks & Workshops

Leadership & Professional Development: Characteristics of Success

Best Practices of Great Leaders

Organizations are crying out for effective leaders, and here is your opportunity to taking another step to become one. This presentation will identify and display the proven practices of effective leaders, so come prepared to achieve a new level of leadership excellence. Included will be an overview of the Best Practices from top performing leaders and managers based on recent comprehensive research. Twenty best practices and the Five absolutes to get high performance and results will be shared. Come prepared to learn and to be motivated to achieve a new level of leadership excellence!

Wes Friesen, Solomon Training & Development

From Stress to Success

Take time to explore who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. This interactive workshop will teach you a systematic process of self-discovery to help control your life by examining how personality, self-fulfilling prophecies and personal expectations impact success. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will: complete a self-scoring personal stress profile; develop techniques to identify the stressors of work; identify motivators of success; create a personal vision of success.

Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting

Leading and Mentoring During Challenging Times

In this workshop, we will cover how even in stressful times you can still successfully lead and mentor your mail services staff. We’ll review policies and procedures for mail center operations and what we’ve added since going through the pandemic. We’ll further discuss the strengths needed for a good manager to succeed during a major crisis, and how even a strong manager can near a breaking point. These last couple of years have been challenging so we will be stressing the positives over the negatives. By talking about lessons learned we will identify flaws in our operations and what changes we made to improve them.

James Burns, Mass General Hospital
Betsy Shortell, Harvard University Mail & Distribution Services

Postal Customer Councils and the Next Generation of Mailers

As we enter the post-pandemic phase of the last few years, the mailing and shipping industry has experienced significant changes in the way it does business, and the people that it does business with. Logistical restructuring, telework scheduling, and mass retirements have permanently altered our infrastructure. Come learn how the Postal Customer Councils (PCC) are playing a pivotal role in maintaining the strength of our community through its network, and what you can do to ensure that the next generation of mailers take our industry to new heights.  We are rebuilding our success by working together, come find out how you can help.

Joe Banks, Consolidated Postal System, USMC
Sharon Barger, USPS
Judy Caldwell, USPS
Kathy Hall, ATIME4Marketing
Katrina Raysor, USPS

Customer Experience's (CX) Next Horizon: Human Experience (HX)

Human beings commonly crave enduring experiences that connect them. In recent years, technological developments have enabled us to connect in new and amazing ways never previously possible, and yet, have left us feeling less…human. Come learn about the new frontier of CX – HX – and how mail and parcels can elevate the “human experience” by creating and fostering more human connections in an overly digital world. Understanding CX impacts can aid decision-making regarding the cost/benefit analysis of improvements to services provided, from payment policies, to fulfillment processes, to issue resolution, and ongoing loyalty/relationship optimization.

Eric Cawley, Deloitte
Josh Knight, Deloitte
Marc McCrery, USPS

Improving PCC Member Participation

Successful PCCs need active participation of members from all levels. Unless people are directly involved, they don’t know what your PCC needs. If we don’t ask people, we can’t expect them to participate. What’s the best way to get volunteers? Ask people – directly. Do you want people to join the PCC? Call them up and ask them. Do you want people to join the board? Ask them. Do you want people to participate in committees? Ask them.   It isn’t always easy to be direct.  It’s just the best path to success.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Lewis Johnson, USPS
Suzi Oswald, SeaChange
Da Shiek Woodard, USPS

Leading in the New World

Socrates comes to the National Postal Forum! This workshop is centered on you and your skills as a leader in this ever-developing world of change. The presenters will answer your questions on: Learning new ways of communicating, Embracing new opportunities and attitudes toward work, Developing a sense of emotional safety, Building inclusive and connected hybrid teams, and Owning your own destiny.

Mark Fallon, The Berkshire Company
Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting


The Invisible Network Strategies of Successful People: Counterintuitive Ways to Innovate, Execute and Thrive at Work

Understanding the Basics of Human Social Networks and their role in leadership development, this workshop introduces the concept of network perspective: what it is, why it matters, and how to develop it. We’ll discuss how developing a network perspective can foster learning, growth, and change for individuals, groups and organizations. People with network perspective understand the dynamic web of connections that have an impact on their work, their leadership, and the leadership culture of their organization. They can identify patterns of relationships and people in their personal network and the broader organizational network that will foster strategic success—and those that will inhibit or undermine it.

Paul Flatin, Deloitte

Direct Effect Ambassador Program: You Can Make an Impact

This fast-paced program will give you everything you need to know on how you can impact the next generation of Direct Marketing Professionals. We will discuss goals for the program, resources available, and formal online training. Take this opportunity to join us and recruit the next generation.

Glen Swyers, Classic Graphics – Imagine!

Keys to Building Great Workplaces

An organization will only achieve its fullest potential when people are engaged and inspired to do their best work. Research shows highly engaged employees on average are 50% more likely to exceed expectations than the least engaged workers. Companies with highly engaged people outperform organizations with the most disengaged workers – by 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction and by nearly 2 to 1 in financial performance. How do we create great workplaces that maximize our employee’s engagement and potential – and the potential of the larger organization? In this workshop we will explore recent research and 15 imperatives to build great work places that will inspire our people and help them achieved their fullest potential.

Wes Friesen, Solomon Training & Development

On Becoming My Better Self

This workshop is designed to teach the principles which make up self-esteem, confidence and self-actualization, so that participants can begin improving their outlook on life while reaching a higher level of self-satisfaction.

Sean Joyce, Omega Consulting

Time Management in the Hybrid Work Environment

The new Covid-19 present hybrid work environment (in-person work, remote work, and a mix of both) has us busier than ever. Learn practical tips and methods to focus your and your team’s energy and time to make the most impact.

Bruce Gresham, Applied Vision Works
Glen Swyers, The Imagine Group