May 3-4, 2021 | Spring Virtual Event

Education Tracks & Workshops

eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success

Adapting to Ever-changing Consumer Habits by Improving Technology

Over the past 24 months, the eCommerce market has experienced a huge shift in consumer buying at an accelerated rate few expected or planned for. During this workshop, we will explore the impact of the global pandemic and how it is changing consumer behaviors. As consumer habits change, this influences every aspect of eCommerce, including, marketplaces, D2C, brand loyalty, logistics and returns. Learn how technology companies are quickly and efficiently providing the tools necessary to keep up with the ever-changing eCommerce environment.

Amine Khechfé, Endicia

Fulfillment Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Third party fulfillment has been a topic that has garnered a great deal of attention during the pandemic. Long a tool for shippers when volume became unwieldy, it is now being used to locate inventory closer to end consumers, among many other reasons. This workshop will explore the growth of fulfillment providers, trends to watch in 2022 and beyond, including microfulfillment, kitting/bundling, local delivery/same day, how to segment inventory for the right channels and a host of other trends and criteria shippers should use when selecting a fulfillment provider.

Krish Iyer, Auctane

Latest and Greatest Innovation in Postal Technology

Discover what the industry is doing today to stay on top of the accelerating eCommerce market. Anyone who wants to continue improving the customer experience they offer to their online shoppers will want to attend this valuable workshop. This session will offer a high-level summary of key technology advances by the USPS professionals who manage them.

Peter Klausner, USPS
Tiberiu Motoc, International Bridge, Inc.
Harry Whitehouse, International Bridge, Inc.

Package Trackology 2022

Learn the latest about USPS Tracking enhancements and how this intelligence is progressing towards the future. Gain an understanding on various features that improve the customer experience and value.

Juliaann Hess, USPS
Nicole Wilson, USPS

The Benefits of a Commercial Payment System for Package Services

Attend this workshop and hear the advantages of mailing packages with the United States Postal Service using a commercial payment system. We’ll discuss the systems and tools that will support and help grow your package business. We’ll also share new technologies that will enhance the Package Mailer’s Customer Experience.

John Gregory, USPS
Kellie Painter, USPS

USPS Connect Returns

A growing segment of today’s customer experience is the returns process. In fact, most customers agree the way retailers handle returns influences whether they will purchase from that retailer in the future. This workshop will examine the process of USPS Connect Returns, how USPS services make it easy for customers to return products so they keep coming back, and how retailers can restock and resell even faster.

John Gregory, USPS
John Samuels III, USPS

Consumer Perspective – Returns are Hard: How Technology and Open Network can Solve their Pain

Everyone – customers, retailers, small business shippers, carriers – can all agree that eCommerce returns are a major and growing problem. From the customer’s perspective, there are a lot of options which can be confusing, overwhelming, and down-right annoying when you have multiple returns at the same time, often with a less than great customer experience. This workshop will focus on how the industry can effectively and efficiently solve this problem from the point of view of the customer by embracing an open network of returns. The speaker will share customer stories, current practices, and discuss the technology that exists today to support an open network for returns and how it can solve the return pain points.

Gary Winter, Quadient Inc
Veronica Wolf, Quadient Inc

How E-Tailers Have Helped Customers Cope

Covid-19 has altered how the entire globe transacts and trades. This workshop will touch on and present case studies on: how the adoption of modern software usage has accelerated tremendously during the pandemic, enabling retailers that were forced to shut down store fronts to sell online and over the phone; companies that shifted their entire business line; B2B shifts to B2C; and the elder population being forced to stay indoors yet still stay connected with their social groups and families.

Amine Khechfé, Endicia

New Data Requirements For Cross-Border Shipping in 2022

This workshop will feature current US Customs officials and cross-border shipping experts from the public and private sectors. Learn about new approaches to pre-clearance that reduce the amount of transit time consumed by the clearance process, and the uncertainty associated with cross-border delivery, by carefully assessing the character of the merchandize being shipped – before the shipment leaves the warehouse.

Shoshana Grove, International Bridge
John Wagner, Safe Package

Package Visibility and Barcoding Innovations

Attend this workshop and learn how to attain optimal visibility of your packages by practicing some key techniques and by using a two-dimensional barcode on your shipping labels. You’ll learn the relationship between labels and package visibility and labeling tips. You’ll also learn about USPS’ 2D Barcode pilot; what it means for visibility and what it means for shippers. We’ll also discuss how shippers can utilize 2D barcodes on their labels as well as exploring additional possibilities with 2D barcodes.

Peter Klausnewr, USPS
Josen Punnosse, USPS

The Ever-Changing Landscape of eCommerce

The rise of eCommerce is the greatest agent of change in our industry. As more consumers adopt online shopping, the battle to offer the best customer experience has escalated. Faster and more flexible delivery options are on the rise while pressure to deliver in shorter timeframes challenges shippers to rethink their strategy. See how consumer attitudes toward shopping online are changing and how retailers and carriers alike are adapting their approach to provide the most value at the lowest cost.

Koraima Alzate, USPS
Kriti Vichare, USPS
Doug Wiggins, USPS

USPS Expedited Packaging Supplies

Success in business is often defined by the bottom line. The bottom line with shipping is that supplies come at a cost which impact profits. Free is always a great price point to generate solutions for your shipping business needs. Come learn more about how USPS Expedited Packaging Supplies can help you reach your bottom line and the requirements for obtaining them.

John Goodrich, Victory Packaging
Jim Lee, USPS

Does Your Returns Strategy Line up with Consumer Preferences?

Join us for a workshop on the challenges of meeting consumer preferences around returns. We’ll share the latest poll research, which shows how consumer preferences have shifted and continue to change during the Covid pandemic. How does your return strategy line up with delivering a great customer experience? How do you do this cost-effectively? It turns out that you need to offer more choices and we provide a practical road map for leveraging the USPS to help your business adapt.

Vijay Ramachandran, Pitney Bowes

Last but Certainly Not Least: Why the Last Mile is a Hotbed for Innovation

As eCommerce volumes continue to grow year-after-year, the importance of the last mile has become more evident. Across the industry, there has been a focus on innovations to improve the last mile of deliveries: from apps for delivery recipients, to futuristic drones and self-driving vehicles. This workshop will discuss why the last mile is spurring innovation and what this means for different technologies and models.

Josh Knight, Deloitte
Greg Lowell, Deloitte

Package Payment Platform

The USPS delivers more than a package — we deliver the information our customers need. The USPS provides the package marketplace with improved service, better visibility and more useful package data. Package-level detail is captured throughout the USPS delivery network (from package entry to final delivery) to provide automated calculation of postage and enterprise payment. Customers may use this data to plan their own operations and make better decisions about how to use their resources.

Garrett Hoyt, USPS

Real-Time Package Tracking

Where is my package is one of the most frequently asked questions of any customer? With the use of modern IoT tracking tools, we can answer that with even greater granularity than the usual package scans. Join us in this workshop as we take you through the process of real-time package tracking.

Bob Dixon, USPS
Ryan Luckay, Deloitte

USPS Connect Regional

Many customers say the delivery experience directly impacts their decision to shop with a merchant again in the future. USPS Connect Regional provides solutions for these delivery needs.  Learn more about the power of regional entry points – Network Distribution Centers, Plants and Hubs – to reach your customers in one to two days.

Devin Qualls, USPS

USPS Connect

This workshop will elaborate on the set of four delivery solutions that are a part of USPS Connect and how they have been designed to meet the evolving needs of all businesses.

Steve Jarboe, USPS

Value Add Opportunities to Increase Package Visibility and Decrease Fraud.

Learn about value-added services the USPS is currently working on to provide increased package visibility, digital delivery verification, and early potential fraud detection. Programs include: Advanced Expected Delivery™, USPS VeriPoint™, USPS Tracking Plus™ and VeriPoint Plus Fraud Detection APIs.

Matthew Dodd, USPS