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NPF Top-Notch Education

Each year at the NPF, over 100 USPS representatives and industry experts come together to show industry professionals and business owners how to improve their mailing and shipping operations and increase profits.

NPF offers an engaging educational program that showcases innovative uses of mailing and shipping. Attendees can choose from a variety of dynamic sessions that are arranged into education tracks based on professional interest.

Take a look at what NPF has to offer and plan for a journey of innovation, collaboration and delivery

NPF Workshop Focus

  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Leadership Skills
  • Proper Addressing and Mail Acceptance Practices
  • Mailpiece Design
  • Fulfillment
  • Data Processing and Analytics
  • Safety and Security
  • USPS-led topics regarding Policy & Regulation and Industry Projections
  • Niche Mailing
  • Specific Topics
  • Technology
  • Package Shipping
  • College and University, Nonprofit, Government and Periodicals

Featured Sessions and Workshops

Exclusive USPS Executive Led Sessions


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

Education Tracks and Workshops


The NPF will get off to a strong start with a combined Welcome Reception and seven individual Areas’ Receptions. Each USPS Area will have its own designated space so attendees can mingle with colleagues from across several USPS Areas at this catered event. This is always a popular event and is a must-attend on your agenda.

Exclusive USPS Executive Led Sessions

The NPF is the only Mailing and Shipping Industry event that offers attendees exclusive access to USPS Executive Led Sessions. In these special sessions you’ll learn first-hand, from high-level USPS representatives, about a variety of topics that are essential to your business. The following links will give you a glimpse of what the NPF has in store for 2023. Session updates will occur as information becomes available, so visit often.

  • Monday Opening General Session – PMG Keynote Address
  • Tuesday General Session – Implementing the Transformation at USPS
  • Wednesday PMG Town Hall Meeting
  • Officer Led Sessions

All events are located at the Charlotte Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

Education Tracks and Workshops

The NPF workshop curriculum extends far beyond any other mailing and shipping industry event. With multiple workshops across several industry specific categories, there is something for every industry professional. The NPF track offerings are modified each year to accommodate changing needs within the industry.  

NPF 2023 Tracks include:

  • Data, Technology and Visibility
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Mailing Solutions
  • Mailing/Shipping Prep and Entry
  • Shipping Solutions

2022 NPF Attendee Portal

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

The NPF offers the perfect opportunity to collaborate with your industry peers. Sit down with industry colleagues in small groups to learn and share innovative ideas providing invaluable takeaways you can put to immediate use. Each year there is always something for everyone.

  • Each roundtable is lead by industry and USPS leaders who anchor and facilitate discussions.
  • Attendees can enjoy the opportunity of attending multiple tables.
  • Please note: Roundtables are typically filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

NPF 2023 Event Catalog
Delivering for America

Earn Professional Certification Onsite at NPF!

The NPF 2023 Certification Program offers an exclusive opportunity for attendees to increase their professional skill set and commitment to ongoing education. In cooperation with USPS, the NPF is offering attendees three specialized training courses. Choose the course that meets your professional objectives and earn special certification when you attend NPF.

Learn more about what each course has to offer:

Mail Design Professional (MDP) – Earn Official USPS Certification

Design is important to catch your customer’s eye. For the best prices on direct mail postage, you need to design your piece with care so it can qualify for automation discounts. Learn the ins and outs of shape, address placement, and mail markings. The Mail Design Professional Course provides in-depth training on postal standards related to designing eye catching letter and flat mail to facilitate processing on high-speed automation equipment while maximizing cost effectiveness and reducing processing delays. To earn official USPS certification, participants are required to complete specific course related workshops at the NPF. Workshop courses will be announced soon.

Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your space. A $95 final exam fee applies.

The Direct Marketing Course – Earn Official NPF Certification

As more marketing channels seem to spring up every day, having more meaningful touchpoints with your customers is becoming increasingly important. The Direct Marketing Course will explore the customer journey and how you can tailor your direct mail to stand out amongst other messaging. In this course you will walk away with a certification that recognizes your understanding of the various inputs, tools, strategies, and mechanics of creating a successful direct mail campaign. Workshop courses will be announced soon.

Mail Center Manager Course – Earn Official NPF Certification

Would you like to earn recognition within the industry as a professional in Mail Center Management? There are many different aspects to understand to become proficient in the mail management space. The Mail Center Manager Course will teach you the valuable skills needed to manage more effectively, boost productivity, and cut costs. Attend the following five workshops and earn official NPF Mail Center Manager certification. Workshops will be scheduled on Wednesday, May 24.

  • This workshop is your turn to drive the discussion. We’ve assembled a panel of professionals with the experience and knowledge to address your pressing concerns. But don’t just bring questions – bring your answers too! This will be a highly interactive session designed to create an open dialog to address the most pressing challenges and best practice solutions that business leaders face today.

  • Socrates comes to the National Postal Forum! This workshop is centered on you and your skills as a leader in this ever-developing world of change. The presenters will answer your questions on: Learning new ways of communicating, Embracing new opportunities and attitudes toward work, Developing a sense of emotional safety, Building inclusive and connected hybrid teams and Owning your own destiny.

  • In the past, managers of mail operations were primarily concerned with processing inbound and outbound letters, along with flats and a few parcels. Digital capabilities and the explosion of packages have permanently changed expectations of internal and external customers. This class will cover real-world example of how manager have integrated imaging, remote printing, digital print and the USPS Informed platforms to succeed with an entirely new set of tools.

  • The explosion of inkjet printers combined with the capabilities of post-composition software has transformed print operations. File-based processing, high-speed inserting, Intelligent Mail Barcodes and eDocumentation (eDocs) have had a similar impact on mail processing. Operations with a comprehensive mission to create, process and mail documents are able to take advantage of technology investments while maximizing postal discounts. These industry leaders will share their experiences, and success, leading combined operations.

  • The pandemic intensified the growing challenges facing Operations Managers – including budget cuts, worker shortages and shifting roles in the company. Add to that, intense scrutiny and the need for higher and higher levels of accuracy. The struggle to run a successful operation is real. The right response isn’t to settle for less or give in to the negativity. Effective managers will take a proactive approach to solving the problems – before they become a crisis.


Professional Certificate Applications

2019 USPS Professional Certificate applications will be made available here upon the completion of the 2019 NPF.